Do you need a screen repair? No problem!

Best Repair Team in Victoria

Head of our repair team is a Mechanical Engineer. We can confidently say that we are the best repair team in Crossroads Area.

Cracked Screen

It happens to everybody. Don't worry! We are here to make it look like new. Screen repair is our job.

Battery Replacement

Remember. A swollen battery is dangerous and it will not hold charge properly. Let us replace your battery with our "zero cycle" new batteries.

No Image, No Service, No Wi-Fi, No Sim, No Problem

Here at CellOn, we perform in depth repairs on motherboards. If you are being told "You need a new phone", you should give us a try.

Unlocking Services

Carrier unlock, enabling disabled device, google account removal, factory reset... Let us guide you around options.

Best Accessory Selection In Crossroads Area

Phone Cases, Tablet Cases, Chargers, Data Cables, Screen Protectors, Popsockets, Car Mounts and many more...